Westinspect Fees and Policies

Inspection fees are based on the total building size in square feet. Properties located more than 75 miles from the I-25 corridor (Colorado Front Range) will have a small mileage fee added. The I-25 corridor (Colorado Front Range) includes Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Social Policy
"True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one." - JRR Tolkein

We can spare lives through our efforts for the poor, the oppressed, the uneducated, the abandoned people of the world. Westinspect provides property inspections as an integral part of the local Colorado community. As such, the business decisions we make will often have a social impact, either positive or negative.

Based on core moral beliefs: Westinspect does not provide inspection services to health care facilities that provide any kind of abortion. We believe in protecting innocent lives, not destroying them. Westinspect does not provide inspection services to retail marijuana businesses or alcohol businesses. The human cost of these drugs' abuse is too great for society to ignore. Westinspect does not provide inspection services to persons involved in human trafficking of any kind. Trafficking includes prostitution, slavery, child labor, child abuse, and any related activities.

Westinspect does provide discounted inspection services to nonprofit organizations of many kinds. James Eubank does active volunteer relief and development work to combat poverty in the United States and in the Philippines.

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